Cloudways review | Is Cloudways worth it?

Web hosting services delivered through the cloud are now popular, but in a crowded industry, Cloudway’s cloud hosting has a variety of unique features. When it comes to cloud-based Managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the few companies that strikes a strong balance between price and features.
Cloudways review
But Is Cloudways worth it”?
Absolutely. Cloudways provides professionally managed hosting, guarantees that your WordPress pages load easily and that you don’t have to think about WordPress hosting problems. Before I get into the cloudways review, let’s understand the company itself.   

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Cloudways was established in 2009 by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit, with headquarters in Malta. Cloudways aims to make cloud-based hosting as straightforward as possible so that even non-developers will learn from it. 
It’s a managed cloud service that, among other things, supports WordPress. Through a user-friendly interface, you can conveniently build a website on a high-performance cloud server with Cloudways.   
Cloudways’ goal is to offer managed cloud storage options so that consumers can focus on their businesses while Cloudways takes care of their hosting issues.   
It allows you to choose from five platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Network, and also sign up for a free trial without having to use your credit card.   
Their software-as-a-service network Cloud servers have a lot of great features, and you can scale up or down your hosting capabilities as your website expands. Pace, efficiency, and protection are all given priority in their infrastructure.   
Cloudways’ price flexibility is another appealing feature. Cloudways is a great alternative for small-to-medium-sized companies and consumers with a tight budget since it runs on a “pay-as-you-go” model.   

What is Cloud hosting and the difference between cloud hosting and traditional hosting?

Cloud hosting makes cloud services open to apps and websites. Solutions are not hosted on a single cloud, unlike traditional hosting. Instead, the app or website is hosted by a network of linked virtual and physical cloud servers, allowing for greater consistency and scalability.     


If your website is hosted on a single computer and that machine goes down, your website is no longer available. If the database is, though, shared by a number of interconnected computers that all store the same data, and one of them goes down, the others will pick up the slack and keep the site up and running.   
Consider this well-known Amazon example if you have any concerns about the effect downtime can have on your web – and, by extension, your company. On Prime Day 2018, server problems knocked the platform down for just 13 minutes, costing them almost $100 million in missed revenue. Every second, that’s over $120,000.   
You have access to more system services than you will possibly use because of the underlying architecture of your cloud computing setup. And after these have been shared among all of the various accounts on your public cloud setup, there is a massive amount of computing capacity available for this reason.
Scaling these resources is easy, whether it’s a fast phone call to your hosting provider when you realize you’ll have extra traffic or configuring the hosting architecture to dynamically raise resources depending on real-time requirements.   
In contrast to a dedicated server setup, where a sudden rise in traffic numbers can cause the entire site to go down, cloud storage means that the account can respond to demand. What’s more, you pay for what you really use.   



Cloud hosting is indeed very adaptable. More than ever, you have the option of selecting a personalized solution that is customized to your unique requirements.
You are not required to choose from a collection of regular packages, none of which perfectly meet your needs. For a cloud configuration, you can choose the exact amount of space, architecture, computing capacity, operating system, and protection that you need.  

Cloudways hosting plans

Cloudways is a network that lets you connect to a variety of cloud hosting provider services. The following are their key providers:     
is Cloudways worth it
Digital Ocean is a leader and one of the most successful cloud service providers. The most affordable package costs $10 a month.   
Linode is a well-known manufacturer of high-performance servers at reasonable rates. Monthly rates begin at $12.   
Another famous service is Vultr, which offers plans beginning at $11 a month.   
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most common cloud computing provider, although they are generally more costly than other vendors. The most basic package costs $36.51 a month, and capacity is limited in comparison to the other providers.   
Google Cloud is another well-known managed hosting provider. They are, once again, not inexpensive. The price starts at $33.18 a month, with a 2GB bandwidth limit. 
cloudways hosting review
 In general, choose AWS or Google Cloud if you need excellent results and services but don’t need a lot of bandwidth. If bandwidth and price are important factors, consider DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr.   
It is important to remember that the services mentioned above are among the best web hosting services available. Because of the design of the Cloudways network, whatever hosting plan you select would almost definitely yield outstanding results.   
It is essential to recognize and comprehend the differences between Cloudways hosting and shared hosting. When you apply with Cloudways and one of the suppliers, you’ll be able to choose a package that gives you dedicated tools for your own device or website.
Your website will have 2 dedicated CPU cores, 4GB of dedicated RAM, 80GB of the disc, and 4TB of bandwidth if you choose a DigitalOcean $42 per month package.   
When using shared hosting, you’ll find that each domain is shared with anywhere from 500 to 1000 other websites, severely reducing performance. That’s one of the key factors why managed hosting sites do so much better.   
It’s also important to remember that managed WordPress hosting usually begins at a far higher price than the examples above. For, e.g., Kinsta and WPEngine are two other services that start at a dramatically higher price point.   
The plans mentioned above are appropriate for small business websites, as you can start with the lower tier plans and scale up as your company expands without having to migrate.   
Note: Managed vs Unmanaged hosting. What is the difference?
In simple terms, unmanaged hosting gives you more leverage over your server, while managed hosting makes it simpler and has more resources read more…

Pros and Cons of Cloudways

Powerful Addons   

Returning to the fact that Cloudways is an integrator, this ensures that each device will be configured with its own firewall and CDN services
This is something that can be incredibly useful for emerging Cloudways sites, demonstrating its value to developers once again. It will be a one-stop store for them to refer clients to. 


Scalability is easy

One of the most key benefits of cloud-based hosting being the scalability of their programs. This helps site owners to be extremely flexible, but it also necessitates going through service or sales channels.  

When you sign up for Cloudways, the platform you chose determines how far you can scale your services. And the platform has its own characteristics when it comes to scaling.
Digital Ocean, for example, only allows for upward scaling. If you try to slim down, you’ll have to do a lot of work.  


Try it for free

When it comes to a major change like moving to Cloud computing, it’s always a good idea to see for yourself what to expect.   
This makes their free trial even more appealing, and you can sign up without using a credit card. You’ll have complete access to all of their features through the preview, so you’ll know precisely what you’re getting if you plan to sign up with them.  
cloudways wordpress review

With complete isolation, you can host an unlimited number of websites and apps

There are no restrictions on the websites and apps that can be developed (e.g., WordPress). If you want to add another website to your hosting account, you’ll most definitely have to update your contract.
This isn’t an issue in this case. And, unlike most VPS and dedicated servers, each app on your server is isolated from the others. This greatly enhances stability.  

You don’t have to think about protection or caching because it’s all taken care of for you

Cloudways comes with server-level caching (Memcache + Varnish) and the option of installing Redis caching, which is highly recommended because it enhances performance.
You won’t need any extra caching plugins because WordPress installations come with their own in-house caching plugin, Breeze, which manages CDN integration, minification, and more.  

What about safety and security? 

Cloudways has firewalls in operation and updates servers on a regular basis to keep them secure from security problems.  
IP whitelisting enables you to restrict all other IP addresses from connecting to your server via SSH or SFTP until they are whitelisted. To secure your account login, there’s also built-in database encryption and two-factor authentication.
You may also use Let’s Encrypt’s dashboard to install SSL for free. If you like, you can set auto-renew and renew SSL early. If you choose, you can add your own SSL license.  

Keep track of your server’s resources, traffic, and PHP use, along with other items

One problem seen with a lot of run WordPress hosting is that you have very little insight into what’s going on with your server. Sure, you can normally see how much bandwidth and disc capacity you’re using, but that’s just for billing purposes.
Cloudways helps you to track IP queries, URL requests, bot traffic, status codes, PHP use, MySQL, cronjobs, and more, in addition to seeing what services you’re using.  
The traffic-related metrics are what I find most useful. This knowledge is extremely valuable.  
IP requests – This will show you which IP addresses are making the most requests to your server. This will assist you in determining which IP addresses are exploiting your website. You can also break down this data and see which URLs they’re visiting.  
URL requests – This will show you the URLs that you have visited the most. This is an excellent traffic statistic since, unlike Google Analytics, the data cannot be blocked. Bot traffic, on the other hand, has the potential to inflate it.  
Bot traffic – Bots have a reputation for filling up server services. This knowledge would show you which bots are likely to cause problems, helping you to block them in your robots.txt file.  
Status codes – Normally, you have to depend on an inefficient WordPress plugin for this. This is helpful for assessing which of the site’s URLs are 404ing. It may also be used to hunt down other mistakes, such as 502 errors.  

Services for Infrastructure 

Infrastructure facilities are paid on a monthly basis and are not included in this price.PayPal and major credit cards are approved. Cloudways used to welcome Bitcoin transfers, but it has now stopped.  
A free preview version of the console is available for new users to check out. There is no necessity to use a credit card. Also, customers can earn commissions by taking in new customers with an affiliate scheme.  

What is Pay-As-You-Go? 

Pay-as-you-go can be confusing if you’ve never seen it before. You don’t want to be shocked by a bill that is hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you expected. It’s very doubtful that Cloudways would surprise you.  
In your control panel, you can see your current resource intake and bill at any time.  

Affordably priced high-performance cloud hosting 

SSD drives are three times faster than standard hard drives, making it easier for complex websites to work and to lower page load times.  


CloudwaysCDN is a strong but easy service that provides top-of-the-line global response times and superior efficiency. It can be integrated with only a few clicks and no technological knowledge.  

Pre-configured PHP-FPM   

With much quicker operations, PHP-FPM significantly speeds up your website and increases your PHP environment’s loading times.   
Not all is fine, but let’s have a glance at some of Cloudways weaknesses:

Server Control Is Restricted  

It’s debatable whether this is a positive idea or not, but find that having no power over servers is uncomfortable. Because everything I’ve found about the Cloudways ecosystem so far has been targeted toward developers, those limitations are much more troubling.  
You won’t be able to use Plesk or cPanel. As a Platform-as-a-Service provider, Cloudways offers its own management console to assist you with handling applications stored on cloud servers.  
Cloudways does not have the domain registration, so you’ll have to purchase one from NameCheap or another provider.  

Is Cloudways a Great E-Commerce Hosting Provider?

Cloudways Hosting comes with so many e-commerce-friendly features that make selling your products online a breeze. Over 10,000 e-commerce stores are currently hosted by the firm.  
Thanks to a mix of Memcached, Apache, Varnish, and Nginx, the host boasts 100 percent uptime and super-fast page loading times as short as two seconds.  
In addition to a user-friendly console, unrestricted bandwidth, controlled protection and backups, and 24-7 support, the host’s e-commerce options include a user-friendly console.  

E-Commerce Sites That Are Supported  

Cloudways Hosting supports a variety of common e-commerce websites, such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, which you can use to market your products online.  
cloudways ecommerce


Cloudways claims to be able to launch Magento with a single click, avoiding the difficulty of setting up the open-source e-commerce site. The hosting provider is also designed for high-speed Magento shops, which means more conversions for your company.  
Multi-SSL implementation, as well as built-in SSH and Git environments, are additional functions. Your online shop will also benefit from a free migration program.  



WooCommerce is another common e-commerce website that Cloudways hosting supports. The hosting company has gone beyond and beyond to make installation as simple as possible, with a one-click install process and free automated migration service.  
Meanwhile, the host’s WooCommerce hosting plans provide functionality such as WP-CLI support and one-click network scaling, enabling you to apply additional resources to your company at peak times.  


The services that a hosting service provides are a big selling point. Cloudways has a well-rounded set of services in all of its plans, including over a dozen 1-click integrations with Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and other platforms
With a single click, you can apply SSL certificates to any of your pages and applications.  
If you need to set up a new case fastly, 1-click server cloning comes in handy, and controlled backups come in handy if anything goes wrong.
Cloudways provides dedicated OS-level firewalls, automated software fixes and upgrades, and two-factor authentication in terms of stability.  
Cloudways also includes a suite of development tools if you need more specialized functionality. The company provides you with limitless software installations, MySQL and MariaDB compatibility, dedicated staging areas and temporary URLs, and various PHP versions.

Reliability and the time It takes to Load

A server that crashes often or struggles to load items easily will cost your company money. The overall output of Cloudways was determined by measuring the company’s uptimes and loading times over a span of several months.
Cloudways guarantees at least 99.99 percent uptime for all of its server options, with others, such as Vultr, exceeding that in our tests. Loading times were also excellent, ranging from 0.4 to 0.6 seconds on average, which is significantly faster than the industry average.

Customer Service  

It’s scary to be in the middle of a website disaster and powerless. Fortunately, the firm has a number of outstanding service options. If you try to address the problem yourself, you can use Cloudways’ active customer forum to ask for help or check the company’s extensive knowledge base.  
If you need more in-depth assistance, teams are accessible via live chat and an online ticketing system around the clock. Cloudways’ support team proved to be well-trained and capable of resolving the majority of problems.


Bluehost, along with Dreamhost, is one of the three “officially” recommended web hosting sites on the WordPress website. Liquid Web is also the best option; it isn’t the cheapest host on the market, but without question, it is one of the strongest in terms of quality, efficiency, and customer service. You can also consider GreenGeeks if you are looking for Secure and Eco-friendly Hosting.  

Is Cloudways worth it?

Cloudways provides a rich environment for developing web apps and websites with top-tier stability, high uptime, quick configuration times, and excellent back-end software. With a wonderful selection of software and great customer service.
Cloudways would be a fantastic match for your needs if you operate a company or web development firm and require the flexibility to allocate separate servers to multiple customers, isolated websites for security reasons, and the ability to easily spin up servers. It’s a firm you can rely on to keep your website up and running.  
Cloudways’ “pay-as-you-go” platform makes it perfect for companies and consumers with a small budget for website hosting. Furthermore, such a rate arrangement means that you are not tied into a long and costly payment contract.  
Cloudways’ custom control panel keeps it easier for users who are unfamiliar with command lines and have never designed a website before. At the same time, Cloudways has a range of one-click integrations available.  
If you’re still undecided about hosting your WordPress account on a cloud server, Cloudways provides a 3-day free trial to check out their platform. 
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Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.