Dreamhost Review | Is Dream host good?

In today’s world, having a digital footprint has become synonymous with performance. Almost every company, no matter how large or small, needs to have a digital presence. I understand how handling digital space can sound out of hand at times.
DreamHost is a web hosting site that allows you complete leverage of your online presence. It encourages you to select interactive advertising and marketing for your website. Your mind would be flooded with possibilities, and you’ll wonder “Is Dream host good”?. Well, DreamHost has more than half a million customers who trust its service. Before we get into the Dreamhost review let’s understand about the company itself.

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Michael Rodriguez is the CEO of Bluehost, and Chris Ghazarian is the Secretary Counsel. DreamHost, based in California, provides world-class web hosting services. You can connect with their helpline at any time of day or year.
DreamHost has an incredible product offering for your business. If we were to put them in a list, below are their major offerings:
1.WordPress Hosting
2.VPS Hosting
3.Cloud Hosting
4.Dedicated Hosting
5.Website Builder
6.Shared Hosting
7.Domain Names
You can get 24X7 support from their super active helpdesk support. You should be secure in the confidentiality of any details you exchange with DreamHost. The company thrives because of its commitment to privacy and protection.
In recent years, open access activities have gained attention. People hate using methods that aren’t transparent. You need to be secure with your market control as a business owner.
DreamHost’s open source gives users an unmatched experience of control over business in a transparent manner. You can start with a simple plan for WordPress hosting for $2.59/month
When your business starts growing, switch over to a higher level plan like VPS Hosting for $10/ month. All of this can be done with just one click from the DreamHost control panel. The company’s transparency is very much evident from their return policy, wherein they guarantee a 100% uptime.

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost offers solutions combined with WordPress, called as DreamPress. It offers features like custom caching, on-demand backups, professional staging, etc. This is just one of many plans that DreamHost WordPress has to offer for its clients. 
Dream host and WordPress
I have outlined their plan and pricing details below which will bring the above-mentioned things into perspective. You get many options like monthly or annual plans. You also get to select plans for a longer duration of time like 3 years. 
WordPress Basics: An affordable and reliable plan for beginners. If you are not expecting too much traffic at the start and are just going to start your venture, this is the plan to go for. It is also the way to go for you if a website is not a primary source of your business, or it does not have a lot of data. You can get it for $2.59/monthly
DreamPress: It is the best combination of DreamHost solutions and WordPress technology. It gives a higher storage capacity. If you have a website expecting a footprint of 100k, this is the ideal package for you. Jetpack professional is included in this plan. You can save up to 17% by getting its annual package. You can get an SSD storage capacity of 30GB and a monthly plan for $12/month. 
DreamPress Pro: When it is time to take your business online to a whole new level, like a pro, this is the plan for you. It will make your website outperform just an average website. It is capable of catering to more than 1 million visitors monthly. An SSD storage capacity of 120GB and priority support on WordPress. You can add high-quality infrastructure to your website with this package. Get it for $71.95 / monthly and give your website a seamless performance round the clock. 
WordPress Hosting provided by DreamHost offers you many benefits :
  • The latest version of WordPress will be at your fingertips. Just log on to your DreamHost control panel and there it is.
  • It installs WordPress in just one click for you.
  • WordPress is auto-updated in the background for ease of business.
  • When your business idea is ready, a domain name is a next step. DreamHost does that for you too.
  • Unlike other business hosting platforms, privacy protection is not an option, but a mandate for its clients.
  • You will be the admin and control what DreamHost has to do for you.

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Review

Building a business space online can be overwhelming. Website design, database, managing traffic, tracking everything can become tedious. This is when shared hosting can come to your rescue.
First of all, you must understand what exactly shared hosting entails. With the term shared in it, you can agree that it is about a cost-effective way of hosting. It offers more flexibility and pocket-friendliness to suit your needs. 
It is a professional way out and a budget solution at the same time. You get important plug-in, customizable designs, and other professional attributes of a business website. It can aid your blog, e-shop, business website, with its resources.
DreamHost provides you the most authentic shared hosting experience. Like all other hosting plans, in share hosting also DreamHost offers you round-the-clock support. All valuable resources and updates are provided to you from time to time. 
Few other features you must know about DreamHost’s shared hosting solution:
Dreamhost review
Stress-free storage: Even after your website picks up the traffic, there will be no need to worry about disk space. Use any amount of disk space for your website, no questions asked. There is no bar to the bandwidth also. 
Smart yet Easy to use: The main control panel provided to you by DreamHost is quite simple to use. It is a professional yet simple panel where you can manage your website very easily. You can install WordPress at ease, set up an email account using the control panel. 
One-click solution: In the beginning, it often feels like the most difficult task to start up afresh. DreamHost understands your dilemma and has just the right solution for you. Select from a pre-designed set of apps to make a beautiful website. Your beautiful website is just a click away from you. 
Domain Name: Getting a domain name is extremely important in the digital arena. Without it, there is no way to move forward. You get a free domain name with your shared hosting plan from DreamHost. 
Website Email: Having a customized email address is a sign of your business’ professionalism. It doesn’t look good to have an undedicated email address. With every marketing email you send, your email address will stand as an identity card, an intro for your business. Hence, a proper email address for your website is very essential. 
Automated backups: In shared hosting, you can also get this feature. It keeps the information on your website safe and sound. 
Advanced features: In shared hosting, you can always upgrade to get more advanced features. Few features are full CGI access, Python support, sub-accounts, access to raw log files, crontab access, unlimited SFTP users, and many more that can be included in your shared hosting account. 
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Shared hosting is a low-cost plan in which you share domain space with other websites. WordPress hosting (whether shared or not) indicates that the server has been configured for the platform read more…

Dreamhost VPS review

Whether you want to host for your website or app, VPS(Virtual Private Servers) is there for you. DreamHost VPS can prove to be a blessing for your business website. You get some of the best features at an affordable price range. 
DreamHost VPS will provide resources to your website that are specifically designed for your website. Creates all the difference needed for your website from that of competition. This unrivaled performance and power will help your business grow by leaps and bounds. 
A virtual server can grow as per your business growth. You can upgrade your storage allowance in less than 10 seconds with just a few clicks. DreamHost makes sure your entire work can be executed within seconds.
Hence, it has designed a user-friendly control panel to help you control your business. VPS package is not just one thing, it has SSD, unlimited domain, 1 click SSL, privacy, and many other high-performance features.
Is Dream host good
VPS hosting has many interesting features that can help your business grow, like:
  • You can host unlimited domains using VPS. VPS server gives you this liberty which makes it one of the most popular solutions among business houses.
  • Several sub-accounts can be created to handle different aspects of a business. Billing, FTP account, client accounts, etc can be easily managed using sub-accounts.
  • Storage through VPS has been leveled up today. Modern SSD storage facility provides a capacity of 30 to 240GB or more. Earlier data storage used to pose a huge concern. One of the major reasons why websites were not that fast in earlier times. Storage is important to safeguard your website and protect it from becoming a drag.
  • You can start up with just 1GB of RAM space and scale up as required when the business grows. This can happen just with a few simple clicks in your DreamHost control panel. Effortless and timeless to use VPS hosting from DreamHost.
  • Unlimited traffic can be directed to your VPS-hosted website. You just need to comply with few simple rules of DreamHost.
  • Multiple email IDs can be created using website hosting. Helps in giving a uniform identity to an organization and its employees.
  • Optimized MySQL solution is a must feature you get with VPS hosting. It is the key to any website storage online. Without proper storage, data maintenance can become a cumbersome process.
  • TLS/SSL Certificate ensures your visitor’s traffic is encrypted with your website. This helps maintain the privacy of your visitors and what they browse through.
  • You can get an annual or monthly package of VPS hosting. A basic plan starts from $10/month and can go up to $80/month for enterprise-level VPS hosting. You can upgrade your plan anytime you want just by logging in to the DreamHost control panel. 
Note: Should you choose VPS or a Dedicated Server?
 VPS Hosting is almost often less costly than Dedicated Hosting for your website, and you also get fewer resources as a result. Consider the kind of platform you’re operating as well as scalability when choosing between the two forms of hosting read more… 

Dreamhost Dedicated server

DreamHost’s dedicated server provides you a bit more professional approach to web hosting. If I have to mention DreamHost’s pros and cons, I will call dedicated server hosting a costly solution but at the same time, a more professional approach. It can cost you around $149 to $379 to start-up dedicated server hosting.
Even the basic package provides you storage of 4GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. Now you probably understand how a dedicated server becomes expensive yet advantageous for any business. 
You get round the clock technical support and assistance, DDoS protection, and a 100% network uptime guarantee. Its SSD or HDD storage provides lightning-fast processing.
The lesser the loading time, the more are the chances of people spending time on your website. With a plethora of options in today’s time, no one likes to wait on the internet. As the name suggests, DreamHost dedicated server is a dedicated solution and no sharing needs to be done. 
Dreamhost dedicated server
When you start using a dedicated server you can rest assured that you are using the best solution. Nothing needs to be tailored for cost-effectiveness or usability, you simply choose the best for your growing business and that is a dedicated server. It ensures your site is always up and running.
You can also reboot your server as per your requirement. One point control panel helps you manage everything from one place. Interesting support with DreahHost dedicated server:
  • Raid 1 storage: adds up to the ease of your website visitors. Smooth performance, website navigation, and reliability are the key features of Raid 1. Absolute zero waiting time ensures a visitor spends more time navigating your website.
  • SSH access: Complete root and shell access allow the user to use remote connection and get down to business from anywhere, anytime.
  • No capping on bandwidth: There is no restriction to how many visitors can visit your website. This way, when your business grows, you need not have sleepless nights thinking about handling the traffic. DreamHost has your back and will take care of traffic when you stick to the right plan.
  • Ruby/ PHP/ Python/Perl: Entire gang available to aid your requirement. Ruby version manager is also a part of its package which allows you to switch its version by yourself. RVM makes the use of Ruby much more flexible. 
  • Dedicated MySQL available locally, instead of a separate machine. This allows for faster resolution of queries to a database your website is hosting. The database is the biggest concern in today’s time as data is increasing multiple folds every day. Having a dedicated MySQL will reduce the time taken to go through that huge data set. So, this is all about Dreamhost Dedicated server.

Dreamhost Cloud hosting review

DreamHost remains ahead of the latest technology to help its clients remain the best in the business space online. Today’s business arena has become seamless with technologies like Cloud computing. A global business can be operated with such ease as if the entire world is within an arm’s distance.

At DreamHost, your business needs are well understood. Cloud will add up to your ammunitions when you are planning expansion online. Cloud is fast, smooth, and offers great security to your business. When you talk global, cloud computing is bound to come up. It has become synonymous with every multinational organization.

In less than 30 seconds, you can launch your own business’ cloud server. Your cloud server will grow with your business growth. It will create more opportunities than ever before.

Through DreamHost, you get access to use DevOps tools. Server speed increases many folds with a cloud site, hence making it a top favorite of techies.

You will have the controls of your business in your hands, just a click away. With one-point control provided by DreamHost, you will understand your website stats in no time.
You get two packages with DreamHost when it comes to the Cloud site. 
DreamCompute: You can design a dedicated server to meet your unique business requirement. There are plenty of benefits you get from, having a uniquely designed server for your business. 
dreamcompute review
  • You get unmatchable speed compared to a non-dedicated server. Speed is mainly impacted by SSD, next-generation processors, and accelerated networks
  • Servers are ready to be at your service within few seconds.
  • Root access and analysis are very important to understand your business from the core. It will ultimately benefit your business.
  • DreamHost helps you create a server based on MS Windows, BSD, or Linux.
  • When you start a business, you must start it with a vision of growing leaps and bounds every day. With a business growth plan, you must not forget about the growth of server hosting. 
  • A growing business needs a server that grows with it and helps scale up your business. DreamHost cloud does this for you anytime you want. Now no worries about decreasing website speed with increasing traffic. You can relax and celebrate an increasing number of visitors. 
DreamObjects: Don’t you feel like becoming limitless when it comes to your own business? Well, of course, everyone does feel that. Making a business out of the box requires a lot of effort. It is not just hard work that pays, but also smart work. Your smart assistant will be your DreamHost Cloud Site. 
dreamhost cloud hosting review
  • DreamObjects helps you utilize limitless business opportunities
  • You get a secured backup option for WordPress.
  • You can save more by subscribing to a longer pre-paid plan. 
  • Another cloud hosting might provide you with object storage too, but here it is more than that. You can backup video, pictures, and other files too. 
  • If you are looking for an option to develop an app, this is the right package for you. You can get traditional S3 functionality replaced by API
  • Open source cloud storage feature is one of the key features of DreamHost. In today’s time, open-source and transparency are everybody’s desire. Gone are those days when closed, proprietary server usage was encouraged. Today you live in an era of cloud computing where transparency is the key. Ceph helps DreamHost to provide open-source storage. 
  • You can access DreamObejcts plans anytime from the DreamHost Control Panel. It will hardly take a few seconds for you to venture on a new plan. So, this is all about Dreamhost Cloud hosting review.
Note: Managed vs Unmanaged hosting. What is the difference?
In simple terms, unmanaged hosting gives you more leverage over your server, while managed hosting makes it simpler and has more resources read more…

Reliability and load times

Many leading web hosts now guarantee up to 99.9% uptime, but we’ve found that plenty of them don’t live up to their promises. We put DreamHost to the test over a few months to see how much downtime we could expect and where the company stands on its 100% uptime promise. 
DreamHost’s uptimes were incredibly consistent, with readings regularly exceeding 99.9%. There is no limit on the amount of storage space you can use and the amount of data you can transfer over the internet.  
DreamHost amazed us not only with its unwavering dependability but also with one of our top priorities: load times. DreamHost’s load times averaged 1.3 seconds over the months we tested the network. Although this isn’t the quickest service possible, the company’s load times are equivalent to those of other leading companies and fast enough to keep consumers surfing. 

Dreamhost pros and cons

Lets first start with the pros of the Dreamhost: 
  • DreamHost’s rates and plans have several “unlimited” features, such as storage space and bandwidth. When your site becomes successful, you won’t have to think about disc storage or network transfer. 
  • There are no upsells or upgrades: Many competitors use deceptive sales tactics to get you to purchase add-ons. 
  • A backend that seems to be very modern: Their backend appears to be very modern. For those that are used to cPanel dashboards, it can take some time to get used to. 
  • Dreamhost is one of the most cost-effective shared hosting providers available. 
  • Award-Winning Hosting – Over the last three years, DreamHost has received the PCMag Readers’ Choice Award for the best company hosting. Readers praised them for their dependability and technical assistance. 
  • Free Domain and Privacy – Each DreamHost package requires a free domain registry plus domain protection, meaning the contact information is not made available on the site. 
  • The “Remixer” website builder is included in the shared hosting plans free of charge. It would have to be applied as a separate service to some other hosting package. 
  • Customer service is available 24/7 and Unrestricted MySQL databases and Unrestricted sub-domains
  • Take a look at DreamHost’s monthly plans, which allow you to cancel at any time with no penalties. 
  • The 97-day money-back guarantee from Dreamhost encourages you to test the product thoroughly before committing. 
  • SSD storage helps you achieve the fast load times you need to improve your SEO rankings and customer experience. 
  • With features like near-perfect uptimes and free SSL certificates included with every plan, you can brag about your website’s unwavering dependability. 
  • Automated Updates and One-Click Installs: These features are exclusive to WordPress websites and can save you a lot of time. With one-click downloads, you can link your DreamHost account to your WordPress site with just one click.
  • DreamHost also maintains track of all software changes WordPress releases, so you don’t have to think about keeping updated. However, it does not handle WordPress plugins in the same way, so you’ll have to handle it yourself. 
Dreamhost pros and cons
Starting with its convenient features and low costs, DreamHost has a lot to do. Unfortunately, we discovered a few flaws in their offerings when checking them out. The below is a comprehensive list of the most significant disadvantages to consider: 
  • Aid isn’t available right awayDreamHost only provides support through a ticket scheme. They don’t have a live chat option or a phone number. While they strive to respond to all help requests within 24 hours, some users find waiting for a response to be inconvenient. 
  • “There Would Be No “Free” Migrations”DreamHost, unlike some of its competitors, does not have free migration services, though customer assistance is available to assist you. Instead, you’ll be paid a one-time fee of $99 to switch each location. If you’re trying to transfer several customers or business accounts at the same time, this will easily add up. So, this is all about Dreamhost pros and cons.


Yeah, I have to admit that I agree DreamHost is a good fit for hosting most websites. However, for certain scenarios, I’d like to propose a couple of alternatives: 
Bluehost, along with Dreamhost, is one of the three “officially” recommended web hosting services on the WordPress website. 
Also, you can consider Liquid Web, it isn’t the cheapest host on the market, but it’s unquestionably one of the best in terms of performance, speed, and customer service. 


Dreamhost offers well-rounded simple and premium plans that blend low pricing with a large number of features and equipment. Beginners were able to progress rapidly through the system thanks to intuitive resources including the 1-click installer and DreamHost’s personalized cPanel. While getting in touch with customer service representatives can take some time, once you do, they can easily troubleshoot and fix issues. 
When it comes to creating a caring computing environment, DreamHost really shines. DreamHost seems to try to provide users with the best of the best, as a business that developed out of an open-source effort and aims to contribute to open-source programs. Overall, Dreamhost is recommended. 
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Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.