HostGator Review | Is HostGator Good?

When we talk about providing a service online, each business wants to go with the best hosting available. Hosting is the key factor when it comes to the performance of the website, or any other data you want to store on the internet. The uptime, performance, speed, and features of the hosting plan prove worth it. You might have seen new plans and hosting companies popping up all the time. In these times it requires a lot of effort for the giants of the hosting field to maintain their quality. 
HostGator Review
In this piece, we will be discussing HostGator Review and “Is HostGator Good”?
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Headquartered in Houston, USA, HostGator is included in the list of the best ten hosting providers in the world. The company was formed in October 2002 in Florida by a person named Brent Oxley. HostGator has 9,000,000+ websites hosted globally.
Some of the features like 45-days money-back guaranteed, 99.99% uptime, advanced security, latest C-panel, one-click installations, and many more really separates HostGator from other hosts. 
The company has 40 million+ customers worldwide and is owned by Endurance International Group that also owns 80+ hosting companies including Bluehost. These numbers are enough to trust the reliability, and trust in the name. 
So, we decided to review their hosting plans, and test their performance. What we found is enough data to decide whether it is still worth it to use HostGator in 2021 or not. 
Let’s have a look at some of the plans that are offered by HostGator; 
  • Shared Webhosting Plan 
  • WordPress Hosting Plans 
  • Website Builder 
  • VPS Hosting 
  • Dedicated Hosting Plans 
  • Reseller 

HostGator Shared Hosting Review

Almost all web hosting companies provide shared hosting plans but only a few of them provide value. However, that is not the case for HostGator. These plans are made to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses. 
There are three different services offered under this plan, tailor-made for any kind of person who is looking to start with hosting or planning to switch. The basic plan starts with a price of 2.75$ per month and increases to 5.25$ with the premium one.
All these three packages offer unlimited bandwidth which is quite exceptional. The basic plan allows you to host a single website only, but the other two allow an unlimited number of websites. 
HostGator highly recommends the ‘Baby Plan” which is the second one. The major reason is the unlimited website hosting offer with an additional cost of 1$, which makes it 3.75$ per month.
All three packages include free SSL, and a free domain as well. One-click WordPress installer increases the worth of these packages. 
Now, have you ever heard SEO tools being offered within a hosting package?
Maybe the least number of times to none. HostGator provides this facility as well. This makes HostGator different from many. The premium package of HostGator offers free SEO tools.
Different features that are used for Search Engine Optimization are given depending on the package you choose.
Although you have to pay a small amount ranging between 10$-30$, still, this is a great feature to have. These tools allow you to do keyword research, keyword ranking, competitor analysis, and much more. 
All these plans have a lot of features to offer, we highly recommend checking their website and find some more features like google ads credit, MS ads credit, Free Emails, Dedicated IP, and a lot more. 
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HostGator Shared Hosting Review

HostGator WordPress Hosting Review

These plans are ideal for people who are looking to launch their website using WordPress. WordPress Hosting plans provide great speed and are highly compatible with WordPress.
Moreover, you will also have other features like auto backup, Code guard, pre-installed plugins, and many more. 
At HostGator, you get three different plans starting at a price of 5.95$ a month. All these packages contain unmetered bandwidth due to which we highly recommend these plans for WordPress users.
The number of websites allowed to host is the changing factor between these plans and the estimated monthly traffic. 
You get a free domain in all three packages, with a free SSL certificate, and free Google and Microsoft ads credit. Also, the 45 days money-back guarantee allows users to choose wisely.
Free migration is a great feature in these hosting plans, as all of the migration will be done by experts. 
Not just that! These plans also offer a free POP3 email account with SMTP, this will really take your business to a different level. Their free themes feature will allow access to some of the premium themes for free as well. All of these three plans have so much to give in terms of Email, security, support, and WordPress. 
HostGator WordPress Hosting Review

HostGator Website Builder Review

Like most of the hosting companies provide a website builder, so is the case for HostGator. They call their website builder “Gator Builder”. There is something different in their web builder unlike most of the website builders. 
You don’t need to do any sort of coding while using Gator builder. In fact, all you need to do is enter some information about the type of website you are willing to build.
A logo, some content, along an idea is enough to launch a site. 
To start, you need to enter some basic information about the site, and the site’s AI will design the site according to your aspirations. This does not mean you cannot customize the design; you can tweak the design according to your needs as well. 
The starting price is 3.84$ per month and increases to 9.22$ per month with the premium package. From free domain to 10 email campaigns per month, all these have a lot to offer. All three packages have a free SSL certificate that reduces the security risk.
Moreover, you can also open a 10-products online store using two of their packages. If you have no experience building a website, we highly recommend trying their basic package that also has a 45-days money-back guarantee. 

HostGator VPS Hosting Review

There are many companies available that are providing services related to web hosting. VPS or Virtual Private Server is one of the most powerful forms of hosting that has a lot of features to give.
The word private here means that you are given your own space on a single physical server. You won’t be sharing the space with any other person.
One of the biggest advantages is that the tasks running on any other website will not lower the performance of your own website. 
HostGator categorizes this type of hosting as pro hosting plans. They offer three packages under this plan. Having a starting price of 19.95$ per month these packages have everything an individual or a complete business enterprise would need.
Each and every one of these three plans offers unmetered bandwidth; this means the only difference is the RAM and the amount of SSD storage. 
Snappy 4000 is the plan that is recommended by the company itself. It offers 4GB RAM and 2 core CPUs. The price is 29.95$, which is extremely affordable. Imagine having unmetered bandwidth on a VPS hosting, it is a lot!   
All these plans have 2 dedicated IPs which will decrease the load on the host and increase the uptime. Two Ips stop the traffic to exchange through the gateway by not exposing the commonality between them. 
They also offer multiple bandwidth providers, so they will always be perfect, as the company itself will be testing them individually.
As far as security is concerned all three packages contain centralized DDoS protection, and they also offer weekly offsite protection. They have so much to give! You just need to check their official website. 
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HostGator Dedicated Server Review

A company looking for more power and control always searches for a hosting provider that offers quality dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is a server that is rented from the hosting provider, and the whole server belongs to that person who rents it.
Most large organizations manage a large amount of traffic, and they have a lot of data stored. They cannot afford any server issues due to other websites. 
HostGator provides three packages under this hosting plan, and all of them have such unique features that most of the larger companies are using them.
The starting price is 89.98$ per month and goes all the way up to 139.99$. Again, all three packages offer unmetered bandwidth. Storage of more than 1TB HDD and SSD makes it almost unlimited. 
As HostGator has data centers based in the US, the server offers excellent uptime all the time. One of the greatest features that are provided in these plans is unlimited outgoing emails that really benefit small to large businesses.
Moreover, all these three packages offer unlimited MySQL which means they are providing excellent service in terms of the database as well.  

HostGator Reseller Hosting Review

This is one of the greatest hosting plans offered by HostGator. You can start your own hosting company by taking this package. Reselling is one of the greatest businesses, and many IT professionals plan to start a hosting company. 
Most of the business gurus suggest starting a business with the least investment possible. So, for every individual who is planning to start a hosting company, HostGator has three plans to offer.
The Aluminum plan is the basic plan that starts at a price of 19.95$. All of these plans have a feature of unlimited websites to be hosted which makes it a perfect match for resellers. 
The only thing that makes the difference between these plans is the amount of space they offer. The basic plan has 60GB disk space with 600GB Bandwidth which increases to 140GB disk space and 1400GB bandwidth with the premium one. 
All these packages offer the latest version of cPanel, and by the feature of website statistics, you can easily analyze all the websites.
If you are offering a limited number of spaces to websites; you can easily inspect how much data each website is using and if it is beyond the limit, you can easily restrict that too. 

HostGator Features

Having been around for more than a decade, HostGator backs its performance with some of the excellent features. These features show some pure excellence as if they ideally know what people are looking for in a web host. 
Features are one of the main things you need to look at when choosing a web host, and it is the deciding factor before you finalize your decision.
HostGator stands out among many web hosting companies due to some unique features that the company is offering. If you are a webmaster your top priorities should always be the quality features provided by the host. 
Let’s have a look at some of the features provided by HostGator. 
  • Free Domain 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Unmetered Bandwidth 
  • My SQL Databases and FTP accounts 
  • Weekly Automated Backups 
  • 45-days money-back guarantee 
  • Site Lock feature to improve security 
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase speed 
  • SEO tools for optimization 
  • 24/7/365 live chat support    
  • Microsoft & Google Ads Credit 
These are just some of the features provided by HostGator, some others are also included in their hosting plans that are discussed briefly below; 

Unlimited Emails 

This is one of the best features of HostGator that really stands out among many others. There is hardly any hosting company that provides unlimited emails.
The feature attracts many potential buyers, as email marketing is one of the major steps towards the great success of the business. People who choose HostGator do not have to pay huge amounts on business email accounts. 

One-Click Installs 

HostGator enables its customers to save time by providing the service of one-click installation. It does not matter which type of CMS you are looking to install; you will always be able to install it with a single click in no time.
Some of the CMS like WordPress, and Joomla takes a lot of time to install but if you are having a one-click install feature you can easily install it in a small period of time. 

Website Builder 

Ever thought of building a website by just drag and drop? If not… let me tell you one of the pros of HostGator.
You can build a website with no coding and no hustle, just simple drag & drop, and your website is ready to go. You can use a website builder that is offered by HostGator for this purpose. 

Shared & Private IPs 

HostGator offers shared and private IPs depending on the plan you choose. All the basic plans work on a shared IP, but that is not the case when you choose any business plan.
The IP address plays a vital role when we talk about VPS hosting plan, HostGator offers 2 IPs which means you can create 2 different virtual private servers depending on your needs. 

WordPress Compatibility 

All of the hosting plans offered by HostGator are highly compatible with WordPress. The company knows the importance of WordPress and provides excellent speed and uptime for websites that are designed using WordPress. 
If you are a beginner and have built a site using a local host, migrating to WordPress is super easy. They have a one-click migration tool that enables users to migrate the whole website with a single click.
In short, there is a great relation between HostGator & WordPress. We highly recommend going with HostGator to people who are likely to build a website using WordPress. 

Priority Support 

Although all the plans have a 24/7 support feature; still, some of the business packages have priority support features. This means that if you are having one of the premium packages that offer priority support the customer support will give you priority over other customers.
The customer support agent will be available to resolve your issue, and you will be mentored in a better way. 
HostGator Features

HostGator Pros and Cons

As mentioned, HostGator has most of the features that are exceptional for any kind of individual who is looking to have their package. Still, some people may find a relatively small amount of un-ideal features as well. Let’s have a look at some of the merits & demerits of HostGator. 

Pros of HostGator 

Extended Refund Policy 

HostGator provides the most extended refund policy. Most hosting companies provide a refund policy of 30-days, some of them even provide below 30, but that is not the case with HostGator.
We highly recommend you to have a try after knowing about this policy because you will never on a losing site. If the work does not satisfy you, you may ask for a refund. However, 45-days are more than enough to know about the brilliance of the service. 

Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space 

All the shared hosting has a feature of unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth. Simply speaking, there is no limit to the number of people who are visiting your website or the amount of data you store. This is a great feature as you won’t see this feature anywhere at such a low price. 
99% Uptime Guarantee 
HostGator provides a guarantee of 99% uptime. This benefit of using HostGator attracts many potential customers and large businesses. To generate more leads your website should be up all the time.
If it is not, you may lose some of your valuable visitors, because no one wants to visit a website again that was down when they previously visited. 

Security & Backup 

The data centers in Houston and Provo are ideally designed to prevent any interruptions in the service. They have some very sophisticated hardware and software protection systems.
These HVAC systems protect the data of their customers from certain malware and virus attacks.    

Excellent Customer Support 

As in most of our reviews, we test the customer support by talking to them, we did the same with HostGator. The team was up to our predictions.
They were very fast to respond and answered some of the silly questions extremely politely as well. The email response time of the customer support was very high, and they were quick to respond. 


Cons of HostGator 

No Daily Backups 

While working on large databases you need to have daily backups of your work. With HostGator, this feature is not included in all of the plans. You get daily backups on some of the premium packages, still not in all of them.
All the plans should be having this feature as it is one of the keys. Many webmasters are not impressed by HostGator only because of the lack of daily backups. 

Lack of Email Spam 

This was one of the most different things that we realized while reviewing HostGator. We got a number of emails at our business email address, HostGator did not spam most of them.
This could be quite a frustrating thing when the website has a relatively larger number of visitors, which means more spam emails. 

Uptime and Performance

We performed multiple tests to check out the reliability and uptime of HostGator. The tests were conducted on Bitcatcha that showed some great results.
HostGator came up with an A+ score, having an average speed of 144ms. As recommended by Google, the ideal speed to rank well on Google is about 200ms. HostGator proved to be way faster than that. 


Did you know? Almost 40% of people leave a website if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. No one wants this to happen! So, you should always look to choose the hosting company that has a fast-loading time.
We tested the speed of a website by creating multiple virtual locations and checked how the websites performed on different locations.
The server proved to be the fastest in the US, and subsequently decreased when we passed through the actual data centers of the US. But it never went beyond the limit and proved to be having the best speed. 


When talking about uptime, you should keep in mind that uptime is as important as anything else. You might have seen similar results among many Webhosting companies, but that is not the actual case.
Many case studies have proved that some of the renowned hosting companies who claim to have an uptime of 99.99% were actually having an uptime in the range of 96-95%.
Even if it is 98% that is not exceptionally good… this means your website will be down 7 days a year. 
We performed an uptime test on HostGator to verify the claim of 99.99% uptime. The results were impressive! We found phenomenal uptime of 100% over months. This was some great result. However, on average it will be below a hundred, and in the range of 99.5%-99.9%, but still, it is something great. 
Webhosting is a really competitive market, and these companies pretend to offer a lot to gain fame and customers. The deciding factor is the uptime. This feature decides how efficient the web hosting company is. 
After conducting multiple tests, and analyzing results we highly recommend giving it a try. Finding a host offering this great uptime is difficult to find in such a crowded market. 


Bluehost, along with Dreamhost, is one of three “officially” recommended web hosting services for WordPress websites. Additionally, Liquid Web is an excellent alternative. It is not the least expensive host available. It is without a doubt one of the strongest in terms of accuracy, accessibility, and customer support. GreenGeeks is a good option if you’re searching for a safe and environmentally friendly web hosting provider.


HostGator has been among the very best for a very long time now and is preferred by webmasters. Due to its excellent money-back policy, it makes it a perfect one for people who are just looking to start.
It does not matter what type of site you are looking to build or what type of server you are looking to create, HostGator contains features to support everyone. 
Unmetered bandwidth and unlimited disk space are one of the greatest features of HostGator. This means you will never be worried about the number of people visiting your website.
This is some great benefit that HostGator provides over other renowned companies. By using many of the other companies, you are bound to have a limited number of users, and the data you can store is also limited.
However, this is not the case with HostGator. “Gator Builder” is an excellent website builder tool to have. It is probably very few website builder tools available in the market that uses AI for building a website.   
Some other features like SEO tools and CMS like Joomla really separate HostGator in the market from others. Many of the companies hardly offer unlimited emails, but by using HostGator you get that too. 
After reviewing HostGator, we can easily conclude that they are one of the best hosting providers. They have packages that are ideal for all kinds of individuals, and businesses.
If you are just beginning with the website, their shared hosting plans would be ideal to go, and you can easily switch to some of their cloud hosting plans to enjoy maximum features at extremely low rates. 
With their 45-days money-back guarantee and our high recommendation, you should give it a try…  
Because if you do, you will be among their 40million customers, and it does not cost you extra to pay them a visit to learn more about their countless features.
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Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.