Hostwinds Review

According to recent statistics, the number of websites has increased to over 2billion, and all of them are live on the internet. In this sort of competition, reliable hosting plays the most important part in the success of your website. You can never afford to compromise on the quality of hosting.
Good quality hosting will help your website do well on the internet with the help of its features. There are many hosting companies available on the internet today, but finding your ideal hosting company is a real challenge. 
Hostwinds review
To help you out, we will be reviewing one of the hosting companies named “Hostwinds”. It is one of the few companies that is providing excellent quality features in the most budget-friendly way. 

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Hostwinds is a relatively new company that was founded in the year 2010. It is headquartered in Washington, United States, having virtual servers in most parts of the world.
They have introduced new standards and features at the most affordable rates. Hostwinds has a great reputation for providing excellent customer service, and they have received multiple awards due to their unparalleled customer service. 
Hostwinds was included in the list of 500 fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. Moreover, PC Magazine selected them as one of the best digital product providers in the year 2018. They have received multiple awards because of their efficient services. 
By reading some of the top achievements of the company in a short period of time you can easily conclude that Hostwinds is one of the fastest-growing hosting companies in the world.
They will surely be counted on the list of best-hosting providers in future years. 
Let’s discuss some of the plans offered by Hostwinds… 
  • Shared Webhosting Plans 
  • Business Webhosting plans 
  • Reseller 
  • White Label Hosting 
  • VPS-Managed Linux & Windows 
  • VPS-Unmanaged Linux & Windows 
  • Cloud hosting 
  • Dedicated hosting 

Hostwinds Shared Hosting

These plans are the most commonly used ones. You get shared hosting when you use these packages. With a starting price of 5.24$, this category falls under three different packages.
All these packages contain a 24/7 customer support feature. Hostwinds always provide the latest version of the control panel in all these three packages. The basic package allows its customers to host a single website. 
However, if you are looking to host multiple websites you should go with their ultimate package which costs around 8.24$. One of the greatest features provided by Hostwinds is the overnight backups.
Isn’t it great getting overnight backups at such a cheap price? These packages are used by many professionals in the field, and highly recommend them because of their uncountable benefits. 
All these packages offer unmetered bandwidth and unlimited disk space. You never need to worry about the space your data is taking on the server, the number of people visiting your website won’t harm you either. In fact, all you need to worry about is; building your audience and customers. 
Hostwinds Shared Hosting

Business Web Hosting Plans

This is one of the greatest innovative ideas we found while reviewing this company. They have a separate plan designed to meet the needs of businesses. Although small startups can go with shared hosting plans, we still recommend these plans.
Their basic plan only costs 8.99$ which makes a difference of 3.65$ if you go with the basic plan of shared hosting. This is no cost comparing to the features you get. 
There are a lot of features you get when you dig deep into their official website. From free SSL to a free unlimited SSD space, you can’t ask for more.
They also provide a free website builder, “Weebly”; the name needs no introduction! It is one of the best features for startups as well.
People who know nothing about web development can easily build pro websites using this feature. Moreover, if you are looking to introduce your social media eCommerce store to the world with a proper website, “Weebly” will really help you out. 
Also, they offer unlimited FTTP accounts and optimized MySQL DBA. Their Lite speed web server will enhance your website’s speed. These servers are more efficient, and reliable. Giving better static performance to your visitors and also improving their security, they provide a lot. 
So, if you are a small startup or a settled business you should look to switch to this company after looking into the features provided. A free and one-click migration tool will help you achieve this task in no time. 
Hostwinds Business Hosting Plans

Hostwinds Reseller Review

Have you ever thought of opening your own web hosting company?
Now is the correct time to open one. With some of the best packages, Hostwinds has some of the best plans for resellers.
Starting at a price of only 5.24$ you get huge discounts on buying more accounts. It does not matter if you are starting or completely switching from another reseller to Hostwinds, with their free migration tools they will be the best choice. 
The advanced one which is the second one is recommended by the company’s website that costs 6.74$ per month. The instant setup feature will help your company to grow well with this reseller plan.
They have unlimited SSD storage so you should not be worried about the storage capacity of hosted websites.

Hostwinds White Label Reseller Review

White label hosting is a phenomenon by which a person can open his hosting company by reselling servers, bandwidth, disk storage, and other offers of other companies by his name. 
But Hostwinds white label hosting plan has made starting your own hosting company extremely easy. They provide services of managing your own clients by themselves under this hosting package. 
This is how the service works. 
Customer orders any package on your website. 
Hostwinds receives the order. 
The customer receives an email with the confirmation of their order. 
With a starting price of 10$ per month, this hosting package provides a great opportunity to earn a lot. If you are just planning to start with minimum investment, this offer has a lot of potentials to look into. 

Hostwinds VPS Review

Hostwinds have separated VPS hosting into Linux managed and windows managed. 

Managed Linux 

This is basically a Virtual private server that is running on Linux. This type of VPS hosting can only be managed in a complete Linux environment.
Normally, VPS-managed Linux hosting comes up with ease to use, reliability, and extremely good security. 
As far as Hostwinds is concerned, they have four different packages under this category. These packages start at a price of 8.34$ and go all the way up to 38.24$. In this plan, Hostwinds is not providing unlimited storage capacity. Also, they are providing a 1Gbps port. 

Managed Windows 

A virtual private server running on a windows environment is called VPS-Managed Windows. As most people want to run their websites on a Windows environment, Hostwinds have provided them a separate plan. 
They have a relatively larger price if we compare them to a Linux hosting server. The price starts at 12.74$, but providing hosting on a windows environment is one of the cheapest plans to have.
No unlimited SSD storage is offered in these plans either. Other than the basic plan, all three plans offer a data transfer of 2 TB. 
Also, free website migration, instant installations, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee attract many potential customers. 

VPS-Unmanaged Linux & Hosting 

If you are looking for packages other than shared hosting, these are some of the greatest ones. They allow you to host a website on your desired virtual private server. 

Unmanaged Linux

If you are a Linux expert and can work with some of the operating systems like Debian, Fedora, and others, you should look to take these hosting packages. They have 10 plans under this category, and all of them are quite affordable.
With a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, the speed of your website will be increased as well as you will be operating it all by yourself. 
Moreover, they also provide some of the applications under this category. You should be able to run WordPress, Joomla, Minecraft, and many more by yourself to have maximum advantage. 

Unmanaged Windows 

On the other hand, if you are a windows expert, you can select any of the plans offered by unmanaged windows hosting.
They are extremely budget-friendly as well and give you benefits if you are completely familiar with some of the windows operating systems. 
They offer 10 different packages under this category. Also, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, free website transfer features, and a free 1 Gbps port all these plans are a pleasure to use. 
Note: Managed vs Unmanaged hosting. What is the difference?
In simple terms, unmanaged hosting gives you more leverage over your server, while managed hosting makes it simpler and has more resources read more…
Hostwinds VPS review

Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that allows applications to run using cloud resources. They are not like traditional hosting in which all the load is deployed under the same server, instead, it is managed by a network of virtual and cloud resources. 
Hostwinds basic package starts with a price of 4.99$ per month. However, if you want to take the maximum out of these packages the highest plan is about 328.99$.
The basic package gives 1GB RAM, 1CPU core, and 1 TB monthly data transfer. 
Other resources that are provided with some of the shared hosting plans are also provided under these plans. We highly recommend checking their cloud hosting service as they have plans that best suit any type of business. 

Hostwinds Dedicated Server Review

If you are looking for a server that should be connected to your business only, you must look into these plans.
Dedicated hosting plans are excellent if you have a significant amount of traffic. Excellent security is also the key when you go with these hosting plans. 
They have different servers which have a starting price of 90$ per month. But the starting price is not the issue with them. They offer complete customization of the server.
You can select the numbers by yourself and you will get the price according to your customizations. This feature is hardly seen with any other web hosting company. 
Note: Should you choose VPS or a Dedicated Server?
 VPS Hosting is almost often less costly than Dedicated Hosting for your website, and you also get fewer resources as a result. Consider the kind of platform you’re operating as well as scalability when choosing between the two forms of hosting read more… 

Hostwinds Features

The efficiency of a hosting company is decided by the number of features it provides. Features are the key when you are looking to finalize a web host. 
Hostwinds have been providing some of the best features since the company started operating. Its features are the reason behind its success in no time.
From free domain to excellent security; Hostwinds have attracted many potential customers by coming with a great idea every time. 
The mastermind behind creating these features might have great experience in the hosting industry. While reviewing many hosting companies we found some of the unique features that were not at all provided by some of the best in the field. 
Have a look into their features, and know about the reason behind the attraction of customers. 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Free domain name 
  • Unmetered bandwidth & unlimited disk space 
  • Instant Setups 
  • 99% Uptime guarantee 
  • Advanced Security Features 
  • Cloud hosting Upgrade plans 
  • Website builder 
  • Unlimited FTTP Accounts 
  • My SQL Databases


However, all the features mentioned above are mostly provided by other companies as well. Some of the other features that differentiate Hostwinds from others are mentioned below. 

Weebly Web Builder 

You might have heard about many companies providing website builders. Among all of them, Hostwinds has the best.
Weebly is one of the leading website building tools in the market that specializes in building an eCommerce store with ease.
Their advanced tools and analytics will help you run a successful online business while hosting the website inside Hostwinds. 

Softaculous Auto Installs 

Softaculous runs on the control panel and is one of the best auto-installers. It focuses on using the apps rather than wasting time on their installations. By having this feature, you don’t need to worry about auto installations. 

Unlimited Email Accounts 

This is another great feature provided by Hostwinds. You can get unlimited business emails when you use their service. This feature attracts individuals who are really into email marketing. 
Hostwinds is one of the few hosting companies that provide these services. As most people are aware of the features provided by business emails, you should always try and stick to business emails for dealing with business queries and all the related stuff. 

Free Website Transfers 

Another benefit of using Hostwinds is free migration tools. If you are looking to switch from another hosting company Hostwinds will help you get a better experience.
Migration can be quite a frustrating task to do, but with having a one-click migration tool you can migrate without any hustle. 

Solid State Drives 

SSDs are one of the greatest advancements in data storage technology. Solid-state drives provide the fastest data reading speeds.
This feature provides its user speed, power, and durability. There are many web hosting companies that are still stuck to HDDs but that is not the case for Hostwinds.
They never wanted to compromise in their data reading speed due to which they converted to SSD as soon as the results were prominent. 

Free Dedicated IP 

One of the greatest things about Hostwinds is providing dedicated IPs in most of their packages. A dedicated IP address is a unique Ip that any other website is not using.
Using a dedicated Ip address allows you to visit your website using your own Ip address.
Each time you type your Ip address you will be redirected to your own website because your website is the only one that is hosted on that particular Ip.   

Instant Setup 

Many hosting companies still run complete setups for the installation process. However, that is not the case for Hostwinds because they are known to provide instant installations.
It does not matter if you are looking to install WordPress or any other CMS system, with their instant setup feature you can easily have these systems installed in no time. 

Hostwinds Pros and Cons

Hostwinds has achieved a huge amount of success because of its excellent features, and support. They have maintained their reputation closer to the best since they started operating in 2010.
Still, while reviewing their company we came through some of the things that should be taken care of. So, let’s discuss some of the pros & cons of Hostwinds. 

Pros of Hostwinds 

Award Taking Customer Service 

As we have discussed above as well; Hostwinds have a customer service that got multiple awards. They are always available to help and support their customers. We held talks with them and discussed some of the issues that we were facing.
They were extremely fast to respond and made sure that they completely resolve our problem. In fact, they provided extra support and guidance. 

60-days Money Back Guarantee 

You may have heard about 15 days or 30 days refund policy, or even 40 days refund policy which is provided by HostGator.
But 60 days refund policy is unmatchable. Hostwinds provide its customers with a 60 days refund policy on every package customer tends to buy.
This is something insane, you can still claim a refund by using their services for 60-days. You might be wondering about the things you could do in 6-days… yes! This is how great their refund policy is. 

99.97% Uptime Guarantee 

Good uptime of a website is extremely necessary for better performance and good user experience. No one who is willing to launch a site is ready to compromise on the uptime of the website. 
Hostwinds offers an uptime of 99.97%, this is even better than some of the big fishes of the industry. 

Easy to use Interface 

When it comes to a long business relationship, a good user experience is a must to have. Hosting companies make things as simple as possible for attracting new customers.
They are always ready to bear huge expenses but they never compromise on the user interface. Many of them completely change their website structure, and dashboard just to satisfy their users.
Despite trying a lot, very few of the companies actually succeed to create an easy interface. Hostwinds is one of them! They have changed their user interface many times.
Finally, after their last update, they were able to provide an easy user interface.  

Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space 

Another great benefit of using Hostwinds is the presence of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. If you have access to unlimited bandwidth there is no need to worry about the traffic that your website gets. By providing unlimited bandwidth they are allowing you to have infinite traffic. 
Also, by providing unlimited disk space they allow you to store unlimited data on your host. Both these features play an important role in increasing the speed and performance of the website. 

Daily Backups 

The daily backup feature is an important thing to have these days. You are never aware of the threats your data might be under.
Hostwinds provide an important benefit to its users by providing daily backups. You will need to run a setup wizard to keep the backup where ever you want. 

Cons of Hostwinds 

Limited Server Locations 

While reviewing Hostwinds we came to know about their limited data centers. We found that they have a number of 3 data centers in the whole world, and they are managing the whole hosting company by using these. This might harm the users in many ways. 
Having limited server locations really compromises the speed. You might be running a website from any part of the world, and you will want the data center to be near you and every part of the world from where your visitors may becoming.
Unfortunately, this is not the case with Hostwinds, as we know they have recently started their company, and it is still growing. They might provide server locations in the future but this is not the case right now. 

Confused Pricing 

This is a kind of weird demerit but that is what it is. We realized many different patterns in pricing. They have failed greatly to increase or decrease the price with the features they are providing.
This is not something really bad, but you need professionalism when you want to compete with some of the bests in the world. 

Hostwinds Uptime and Performance

For testing speed, and performance of Hostwinds we conducted tests on multiple webs, and applications including GT Metrix, Bitcatcha, and Google Page Insights. All of these tests ran for multiple months to know about the actual results.
We found some good, some bad, and some inconsistent results. Also, we analyzed the performance of the website by operating it from different locations to know the exact numbers about speed. 
We used GT Metrix to test complete page loading speeds. The results were relatively inconsistent.
The fastest loading speed of a page was found to be 0.8 seconds, while the slowest one was of 2.8 seconds. That makes an average speed of about 1.82 seconds. It is still below the ideal loading time of 2 seconds as recommended by Google itself. 
Depending on the locations, the fastest average international loading time was found to be 0.698 seconds and the slowest to be 4.28 seconds on average.
The fastest times were recorded in the US while the slowest in South Asia. The fastest speeds were found to be amazing but the slowest ones were found to be a bit bad.
This also proves that the shared hosting plans provided by Hostwinds are relatively filled with customers and they do not have enough resources or data centers to manage them.
If you are lucky sometimes you do get resources and your page loads extremely fast. Unfortunately, you would need some more consistency. 


Hostwinds claim to provide an Uptime of 99.99%. Having this much uptime is nearly impossible to achieve but if a company is providing it, this is something exceptional!
As we know, most individuals decide the web hosting depending on the uptime it is providing, Hostwinds has kept this in mind. They have worked a lot to increase their uptime. 
So, we tested some of the websites hosted on Hostwinds for a period of three months. It was found to be up to the mark for the most part of the time period. However, it also went down for an extremely short period of time, making an average of 99.97%. 
Having this great uptime is one of the best features to have. Your website will be hardly down, it will be up all the time.
We recommend giving it a try, as having this excellent uptime will increase your visibility on the internet, and enhance your visitor’s experience. 


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If you’re considering Liquid Web, then you’re making the right decision. Although hosting will be inexpensive, this host is not the cheapest one available but it is one of the greatest in terms of quality, accessibility, and customer support.
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Hostwinds Review- Conclusion

After having an in-depth look at all the features, and hosting plans provided by the company we highly recommend Hostwinds.
They are among very few companies that have grown immensely in a short period of time and are still working a lot on their growth. Their excellent customer support has increased the worth of the company. 
Searching for the best web host is a real struggle. You could find all of them claiming a lot about their services, but only a few of them prove what they claim for. Hostwinds is one of them.
While reviewing them, we highly noticed they were up to the mark with most of their promises. Hostwinds give a lot more than they claim to give. 
Their Website Builder is one of the features that make Hostwinds unique from many other companies. Weebly has already a name in the market. It is used by many beginners who are new to web building.
There are many online stores in the world that have been built using Weebly. Providing such a great website builder within the hosting itself is a great pro of Hostwinds. 
Also, with 60-days money-back guarantee you can cancel anytime and claim your refund if you are not satisfied. They have attracted many potential customers with their excellent features, and packages.
You could be the next one too! If you plan to launch your website, you must check them out at the earliest. 
Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.