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iPage has been a significant provider of web hosting services for over 15 years and is an industry veteran. It’s owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG), which also owns Bluehost and HostGator. But is it really worth hosting, or is iPage any good? 
ipage review
Absolutely. Even as new entrants have entered the industry, iPage has maintained its position as a top hosting contender thanks to its extensive feature set and affordable signup ratesiPage has been powering over one million websites. Before I get into the iPage review, let’s understand the company itself.

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Thomas Gorny formed iPage in Burlington, Massachusetts, in 1998. Its original mission was to be a full-service online solutions provider. Today, the Endurance International Group owns and operates a number of service companies, including iPage (EIG). 
iPage is a full-service domain and web hosting provider aimed at smaller companies looking to enter the e-commerce market. 
iPage has a number of appealing features, including a new website builder, excellent customer support, high uptime, and low-cost Managed hosting based on a single package and unrestricted storage space, an unlimited number of email addresses, and “unlimited” benefits in many main areas. 
Hundreds of pre-built website templates and themes are available. You have the choice of using their mobile-friendly website builder. 
iPage gives a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the services you get. 
Green energy is something that iPage really believes in. The corporation purchases enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to cover all of the energy consumed by their servers, offices, and data centers. 
A Green Badge is available to all businesses that use iPage to host their websites. Visitors just press the badge, and they’ll see that you’re reducing the carbon emissions, which is a selling point.

iPage hosting plans

iPage offers a variety of hosting plans to suit your needs. The package you choose will be determined by the company’s unique needs and specifications. 

iPage web hosting review

This program is built to meet the demands of the majority of people and small enterprises.  
Through their shared hosting arrangements, iPage takes a common approach. They just have one package that includes all of the features. This makes the decision a lot easier, so you don’t have to choose from different hosting tiers based on your needs.  
One of the best features of this package is that it allows you to host a limitless number of domains. You won’t be restricted by what you can host on this package due to their limitless storage space.  
iPage offers a single, Linux-based, shared hosting service that starts at $2.99 per month for a year. If you sign up for the three-year contract, the price reduces to $1.99 a month
They do not sell monthly schedules, unlike other EIG apps like HostGator. You may choose from a one-, two-, or three-year deal. But, to be frank, the price gap isn’t significant. 
iPage web hosting review

iPage VPS hosting review

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) outperform shared hosting in terms of performance, speed, and customization.  
Individuals or companies that have outgrown shared hosting should consider them. VPS is common with advanced users who want more power over their hosting.  
Since the servers are virtual (cloud-based), you can quickly scale up as your if website requires more resources.  
Depending on the package, iPage’s virtual private server plans provide up to 4 processing cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 120 GB of disc space, but users can customize and provision additional services if required.  
Customers that need more influence over their hosting space should opt for root access. High-speed mirrored SAN capacity is supported to ensure optimum server speed and reliability.  
Basic, Business, and Optimum are the three VPS hosting plans offered by iPage. Both plans come with managed service and provide you the freedom to construct a limitless number of domains, subdomains, and email accounts.  
The company’s managed services support will assist with implementation and general problems with critical programs such as Apache, MySQL, email, DNS, and many others.  
Whether you expect a large volume of visitors, you might want to start with a VPS hosting package. Despite the fact that iPage advertises its sharing services as having limitless capacity, there have been occasions where they “actively encouraged” their customers to upgrade to a VPS program.
You should feel comfortable trying these guys out while looking for a managed VPS host.   
Note: Should you choose VPS or a Dedicated Server?
 VPS Hosting is almost often less costly than Dedicated Hosting for your website, and you also get fewer resources as a result. Consider the kind of platform you’re operating as well as scalability when choosing between the two forms of hosting read more… 
iPage VPS hosting review

iPage WordPress hosting review

With iPage’s WordPress hosting, getting started with your WordPress website is a convenience. All WordPress hosting plans include the most recent edition of WordPress, as well as hand-picked themes and plugins. 
You’ll also get a completely customizable control panel that makes managing your website a breeze.  
WP Starter and WP Essential are the two WordPress hosting plans offered by the company.  
Both plans come with limitless capacity and bandwidth. WP Essential is recommended if you need specially qualified support agents to assist you with WordPress hosting.   
In addition, iPage has partnered with Sitelock, which checks for ransomware, protects the site from being blacklisted, and improves the security of WordPress. Automatic malware removal and Sitelock professional protection are included in WP Essential at no additional expense.  
iPage WordPress hosting review
In terms of WordPress hosting, iPage has excellent value.  
If you don’t have a site design yet, iPage has a range of selected WordPress themes to pick from. Each theme is put through its paces in terms of efficiency and usability. In addition, several pre-installed plugins, such as W3 Total Cache and Jetpack, are included.  
iPage hosts its WordPress pages on low-density servers to ensure that they operate as quickly as possible. As a result, visitors will experience quicker loading times.  
Multiple caching layers and a content distribution network are used in the hosting for these websites (CDN). This functionality will make the website run more smoothly and quickly.  
For a low price, iPage provides excellent hosting capabilities and server efficiency. If you’re looking for a low-cost, dependable web host, iPage should be at the top of your list.  
Note: Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting. Which is the best?
Shared hosting is a low-cost plan in which you share domain space with other websites. WordPress hosting (whether shared or not) indicates that the server has been configured for the platform read more…

iPage Dedicated server

People who use dedicated hosting have the most control, efficiency, speed, and security. You have a whole cloud devoted to you with dedicated hosting.  
For websites that are resource-intensive or get a lot of traffic, iPage provides three separate dedicated hosting plans.
You reserve an entire server for your sole use with a dedicated server hosting plan, and you get to pick the facilities, such as RAM, hard drives, and processors. Since an entire server is devoted to your use, it does cost more than most hosting options.  
iPage includes fully managed dedicated server support, providing access to the most up-to-date programming tools and languages. This provides assistance with Apache, MySQL, Email, DNS, and other programs set up to save you time and effort. 
The custom iPage control panel is included in the price of each server, which runs on CentOS.  
The iPage hosting plan for dedicated servers is really a high-value offer, with a very fair price and a money-back guarantee.  
For you, iPage provides three managed dedicated hosting plans: Startup, Professional, and Enterprise.  
4 GB RAM, 500 GB disc space, and 5 TB bandwidth are included in the Startup package.  
8 GB RAM, 1000 GB disc space, and 10 TB bandwidth are included in the Professional package.  
16 GB RAM, 1000 GB disc space, and 15 TB bandwidth are included in the Enterprise package.  

iPage reseller hosting

Reseller hosting, alternatively referred to as “white label hosting,” is the process of starting your own web hosting company by reselling resources and services from larger hosting firms. 
Check out iPage’s reseller hosting packages if you want to get into the web hosting market but don’t want to struggle with infrastructure issues.
Unfortunately, unlike most other web hosting companies, iPage does not publish its reseller specifications on its website; you must contact a customer service representative for more details 

iPage Website builder review

If you’re looking for a Site Builder, iPage is the place to go. You will have a live, attractive website in minutes thanks to iPage’s user-friendly interface, automatic provisioning, and free domain name.
Since a domain name is included, the difficulty of buying it, setting up name servers, and waiting for them to propagate is eliminated. 
After that, you’ll be brought to the extremely user-friendly interface, where you can start building your site.  
iPage Website builder review
Using their own custom design, iPage makes it easier to create a professional-looking website in minutes. It all starts with your design range, which involves hundreds of choices.
You can then change the color schemes, fonts, and proportions, as well as add your own images and videos. It’s just as simple to add forms for messages, RSVPs, or business contacts.
The company’s 30-day money-back guarantee adds to the already outstanding reliability. you can be assured that iPage stands behind its offering, and we are sure you will be satisfied with their service.  


iPage offers the most affordable hosting options on the market. Despite its low cost, iPage offers all of the necessary functionality to get the website up and running.
With an easy drag-and-drop website creator, a diverse range of 1-click shopping cart integrations, limitless MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access, and a free SSL license, mobile optimization, email marketing, beginners can ease their way into website ownership.   
All plans come with a free online store, PayPal integration, and one-click setup for some common shopping carts. 
Is iPage any good
Meanwhile, iPage consumers will take advantage of a range of additional benefits and features worth up to $500, according to the firm. This includes the functionality mentioned below.  
  • Google AdWords costs $100.  
  • Bing/Yahoo! advertisements cost $25.  
  • $50 for Facebook advertisements  
  • On yellowpages.com, you can get a free listing.  
  • Free marketing and search engine credits  
  • An authentication seal for the website  
  • Privacy of the domain  
What is Domain Privacy, and how does it work?  
Your personal information is released in a public-accessible directory when you buy a domain name. You can purchase domain protection if you wish to keep these details safe. 
This is a good choice, particularly for small business owners who buy their hosting plan and domain name from a personal account.  

Plugins for WordPress  

iPage has a range of pre-installed WordPress plugins, including the Jetpack plugin, which allows you access to over 100 free WordPress themes, as well as lazy-loading files, brute-force attack security, downtime tracking, statistics monitoring, and many more.  
The W3 Total Cache plugin and the Mojo Marketplace plugin are two others (that helps you to purchase more themes and plugins).  

Integration of Google Analytics  

iPage’s dashboard provides a basic version of Google Analytics, helping you to easily display traffic data such as where visitors come from, when they visited, and how they interacted with your website.  
Additional analytics software, such as AWStats or Webalizer, can be quickly enabled.  


With its shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans, iPage includes Roundcube email hosting. By default, you have 500 MB of email storage, but you can purchase credits to expand this number.  
IMAP/POP3 support, and autoresponders are all included with your inbox, as well as installation instructions for email clients like Outlook and Gmail. For the next three months, Constant Contact will include free email marketing promotions.  

SiteLock is a site security solution

SiteLock is a set of resources that increase the efficiency and security of every website. It checks for malware and bugs, as well as avoiding automated bot attacks. It comes with a firewall and a content delivery network (CDN).  
The “WP Essential Plan” (for WordPress) from iPage comes with a free custom edition of the SiteLock security suite. 
You’ll get your own SiteLock dashboard, where you can monitor website analytics and even add a SiteLock security badge to your site. Via the ‘SiteLock911′ service, you can even employ a security specialist to clean up your hacked website for a fee.  
review of iPage

iPage hosting review pros and cons

There are several third-party applications available  

As previously said, iPage’s key offering is excellent. Here’s a fast rundown on what you get for $1.99 per month. For the first year, all hosting contracts have a free domain registration. This immediately saves you $15 a year.  
Each email account is customized for your domain and includes features such as email forwarding, autoresponders, spam filtering, virus scanning, and even POP3/IMAP accounts so you can manage anything from Outlook. 
This package includes limitless storage room, ‘scalable’ bandwidth, and MySQL databases. It’s not bad. iPage has a drag-and-drop website builder with six pages and hundreds of models.
iPage also offers a wide selection of popular open-source applications for free. This includes content management systems and blogging tools such as WordPress, Joomla,  PixelPost, and b2evolution, as well as photo galleries such as Gallery2 and ZenPhoto, and forums such as Gbook, phpBB, and SMF.  
Full-fledged e-commerce shops are also available from iPage. The following carts are included: AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, and TomatoCart
If you’re a first-time webmaster, they can also assist you with PayPal integration so you can welcome payments online.    

Hosting at a Low Price  

iPage has regularly been one of the most affordable web hosts in recent years. The iPage now costs $1.99 a month. As you’ll see in a second, the value is also outstanding. There is only one shared hosting service, but there is nothing ‘held back’ to push you to update.  

Money-back guarantee for 30 days  

iPage provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Simply let them know you’re unhappy within the first month, and they’ll happily refund your hosting fees. 
Domain names and additional resources, including those provided by other hosts, are typically non-refundable.  
For the first year, iPage provides you with a free domain name. If you seek a refund, a $15 charge would be deducted to offset the expense of the domain name. 
The good news is that you will retain ownership of the domain name and will be able to transfer it or ‘point’ it to another hosting provider.  

Website builders that are completely free  

Website Builder and Weebly provide free website-building services to iPage customers. Both are capable website builders. The point is that iPage gives you powerful artistic resources with which you can brilliantly form your online space. 
There is no need for programming or technological knowledge. Both site builders are, in practice, simpler to use than WordPress.  

iPage Customer Support   

iPage offers a comprehensive online support center and includes step-by-step guides that walk you through every part of web hosting.  
There is support available. Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day by internet, live chat, and an email ticketing system.  
We contacted their support staff via live chat several times for our iPage analysis and asked them a few different questions. Customer service was competent, polite, and sensitive.  
We have sent them a few help letters, and each time we received a response within a few hours. In general, we considered iPage customer service to be sensitive and supportive.  
iPage hosting review

There are no free site migrations 

iPage does not have any free web conversion services. Instead, for a one-time fee of $150, they can migrate a site.  

There is no cPanel (vDeck)  

iPage does not use cPanel, instead opting for vDeck, a less stable alternative to cPanel.  
This isn’t necessarily a major issue for newcomers. It’s normally a bigger problem for people who are used to working on the same network all the time. When you’ve already learned one platform, learning a new one and how to use it properly may sound like a waste of time.  
Upsells that are aggressive: Their buying process and backend are full of update recommendations and add-ons that you do not like.  
Help should be more effective: In my opinion, their assistance should have been more helpful and timely.

Performance and Uptime

One thing to look for in a web hosting facility is the performance of the web servers. The uptime of web servers is used to assess their success. 
A web hosting provider’s feature list requires uptime assurances, and web programmers can make it a point to review this essential feature before signing up with any web host.  
Running a website successfully should provide not only practical functionality but also short loading times and 24/7 usability for future site users.
If downtime refers to the amount of time your site’s host servers are unavailable, uptime means the exact opposite. Simply put, uptime refers to the amount of time your website has been accessible “live” on the Internet without experiencing any problems.
Most web hosting companies make lofty promises about their uptime, such as 99.99 percent assurances.  
According to our report, iPage has a 99.94 percent uptime, which equates to just over five hours of downtime each year. While there aren’t many hours in a year, competitors like Bluehost and SiteGround have uptime percentages of about 99.98. 
Depending on the kind of site you’re running, though, a 99.94 percent uptime can be well beyond the margin of error.  


Yes, I believe that iPage is an excellent choice for hosting most websites. However, I’d like to suggest a variety of options for specific scenarios:  
BlueHost is one of the three “officially” recommended web hosting providers on the WordPress website, along with Dreamhost.  
Also, Liquid web could be a viable option; it’s not the most cost-effective host accessible, however, it’s unquestionably one amongst the simplest in terms of performance, speed, and client support.  

Is iPage any good?

You may be wondering if iPage is the right option for your website after reading all of this information.  
One of the most affordable shared hosting plans is provided by iPage. If you’re just getting started with your website and have a minimal budget, iPage can be a fantastic place to start. 
iPage has admirable success and service, but its pricing policies are a little shady, and its interface is hardly working. I think the easiest way to describe iPage is that its home-grown simplified control panel makes hosting simple for almost everyone, even beginner webmasters.  
Despite this, iPage also offers strong features, and all plans have excellent live chat support.  
In the end, iPage is perfect for inexperienced and intermediate webmasters of small to medium-sized websites.  
Are you ready to start building your website with iPage? To choose your iPage plan, go here.
Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.