WPX hosting review | Is WPX worth it?

WPX Hosting is a WordPress hosting platform that is fully managed. This is one of the most unique host companies in the industry. It is primarily focused on offering WordPress hosting, and it is good at it.
wpx hosting review
And for the question “Is WPX hosting good”?  
It utilizes advanced technologies such as SSD storage and a custom-built content delivery network (CDN) to boost website pace. It also has a number of enhanced security features, such as malware identification and DDoS protection. Before I get into the WPX hosting review let’s understand the company itself. 

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WPX Hosting, formerly known as Traffic Planet Hosting, is a WordPress-optimized hosting business created in 2013 by Terry Kyle, a well-known marketing consultant who has collaborated for almost every hosting company on the internet. 
Terry was fully dissatisfied with hosting firms’ efficiency after years of intense work and found that they struggle to provide the services they offer to their customers.
As a result, he wanted to build a network that would enable him to host consumer websites and provide them with digital solutions, in order for them to offer the highest possible user experience.
WPX Hosting was developed with the aim of delivering fast-loading websites.  
WPX Hosting is a professionally managed WordPress hosting company that focuses on short website load times and excellent customer service.  
WPX is amongst the most recommended WordPress hosting services. It is one of the quickest and most dependable hosting services in the industry 
Anything you’ll need for a well-functioning website is included with their WordPress hosting.  
Note: Managed vs Unmanaged hosting. What is the difference?
In simple terms, unmanaged hosting gives you more leverage over your server, while managed hosting makes it simpler and has more resources read more…

Why do you require a fast web host?

If you’re concerned about your website, you’ll need a web server that can handle a lot of visitors.  
Sure, there are a number of low-cost web hosting options available. And they’re often just what’s needed.  
However, the reality is that all of these varieties of web hosts operate in a horrible manner.  
They advertise limitless plans, but when you read the fine print, you’ll find that they’re seriously restricted. That’s not good at all.  
They pack as many customers as possible into each server without regard for results. As a result, when many users arrive at the same time on a website, page load times increase and the user interface suffers.
This is important since even a one-second delay will reduce conversion rates by more than 7%. And, most importantly, it irritates people to no end, and as it occurs, they won’t return to your website. 

WPX hosting plans

Business Package: This is WPX Hosting’s most simple hosting plan, which costs $20.83 a month. You can host up to 5 websites with this package, which includes 10 GB of SSD storage and 100 GB of bandwidth, as well as WPX’s superior efficiency.
Professional Package: This is WPX’s much more comprehensive hosting plan, which costs $41.58. This package allows you to host up to 15 websites and includes 20 GB of SSD storage and 200 GB of bandwidth, as well as WPX’s advanced performance.
Elite Package: For $83.25 a month, you will have the most comprehensive hosting plan in WPX. This proposal was created with high-traffic websites in mind. You can host up to 35 websites with this package, which includes 40 GB of SSD data, dedicated RAM, and unlimited bandwidth with WPX’s advanced performance. 
WPX hosting plans

WPX hosting pros and cons

Each provider has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. From my own experience, below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using WPX hosting.  


WPX hosting provides outstanding performance.   
WPX recommends you use the W3 Total Cache plugin. Using a decent cache addon allows you to take maximum advantage of WPX’s high-speed hosting.    
You may also use WP Rocket, which is a fantastic add-on, in addition to W3 Total Cache. However, if you want to take your website’s pace to the next step, you’ll need a caching plugin.  
WPX has collaborated with Thrive Themes in addition to these items. That ensures that if you’ve already purchased some Thrive Themes product, you’re qualified for a year of free MaxCDN on all of your pages.  
In my opinion, you don’t even want to install the caching plugin because WPX servers are cached all the way down to the root level using pre-built cache structures that are much superior to standard cache plugins.  
The framework contains all optimizations, such as browser cache, minification, and CDN incorporation, to name a handful. The greatest thing is that you don’t have to deal with all of these. Allow the team to tackle this.  
DDOS defense: WordPress websites are susceptible to DDoS attacks. Any hacker or rival may submit unnecessary flooding requests to your servers, causing your server resources to be drained.  
This can be accomplished by the usage of the XML-RPC function or some other WordPress plugin.  
WPX uses an enterprise authorization with Incapsula DDoS security to secure all of the pages that are hosted under their control from DDoS assaults.  
As a result, you won’t need to pay for a special DDOS encryption package to secure the websites.  


Security coverage   

When it comes to choosing a host, one of the most important aspects to consider is security.  
They also provide free unrestricted SSL certificates with every plan, allowing you to use your favorite protected socket layer and ensure your visitors’ data security.  
HTTP/HTTPS authentication, Malware scanning, Hack removal, and DDoS protection are all included.  
Sucuri is a free service provided by WPX to its customers. Sucuri Security is included with all of their plans, so you don’t have to think about the site being compromised or wiped.  
This functionality offers you peace of mind by ensuring that your site is being scanned for viruses and that you can quickly restore your site if anything goes wrong.  

Multiple Websites   

Other providers encourage customers to use just one website as part of their simple package and then charge a lot more for deals that provide hosting for several websites.
On WPX Hosting’s simple package, you’ll be able to host five websites. Their professional plan covers up to 15, while their elite plan covers up to 35.  

SSD servers

SSD servers have been shown to speed up websites by 200 percent, and the request-response time and TTFB (time to the first byte) are greatly improved when using WPX SSD servers.  

When you renew your subscription, there will be no price increase

WPX Hosting doesn’t mess around with the costs.  
However, the price is only valid during the first billing period. And they double the price – normally to twice what it was before!  
There are no hidden costs of WPX Hosting; the price you see on the platform is the price you pay.  
WPX provides top-notch professional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via cell, online chat, and email.  
They power a vast range of WordPress websites with no downtime. For the last six months, WPX has averaged 99.98 percent uptime.  
WPX provides three separate server locations: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. If you use WPX CDN, you’ll have access to more than 100 global server locations.  
Free Site Migrations: All WPX hosting contracts have an infinite amount of free site migrations.  
WPX hosting pros and cons

Bandwidth limitation

All WPX hosting options provide a fixed amount of bandwidth; the Business bundle includes 100 GB, the Professional plan includes 200 GB, and the Elite plan offers unlimited bandwidth.  

Expensive Hosting Plan

The high cost of WPX Hosting can be attributed to a variety of factors.  
We’ve already discussed the service’s efficiency, which is one factor that contributes to the price, but there’s another factor that contributes to the price, which often happens to be a major downside of the service. 

WPX hosting features

WPX is one of the most well-known brands in managed WordPress hosting. Its hosting service includes a number of WordPress-specific features that help boost website speed.  
Let’s go through all of the relevant hosting features you should be aware of before signing up.  

Round-the-clock customer service  

Quality customer service that is competent, super-fast, and friendly is one of WPX’s strengths. WPX’s customer service staff has always been helpful and friendly.  
WPX provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and you can contact them through live chat, phone, or tickets. Their live chat help response times are nearly instantaneous, taking less than 30 seconds.  
They have a dedicated team for addressing WordPress-related problems and web migrations, and the team is highly competent and well trained to tackle even the most difficult issues.  
Customers who want to repair problems themselves have access to an information base. WPX has a vast range of step-by-step articles with videos, pictures, tips, and guides throughout its knowledge base.
WPX hosting

Refund Policy: 30 Days  

WPX’s handled WordPress hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This demonstrates their commitment to the hosting facilities they provide.  
Which is still plenty of time to put WPX hosting’s results, help, and features to the test.  

Monthly payments are possible for plans

A number of hosting providers sell their plans in terms of monthly rates by default. However, as you check out, you’ll see that certain premiums are based on the premise that you’ll pay over a year or more in advance.  
Since WPX is a managed service, the price is big.  
If you pay month-to-month, the rates are, as you would imagine, higher.
It costs about $4 more per month for the first-rate or around $48 more per year. It’s over $8 extra a month for the second rate, which adds up to $100 more over the span of a year.  
Paying in advance over a year is always better, and if you can handle it, you can.  
However, offering this more versatile solution enables companies to benefit from high-quality managed hosting without having to pay too much or commit over an extended period of time.  

WordPress Security (Premium)  

Did you notice that WPX provides a free regular malware search and removal service?  
Yes, WPX is the only hosting company that has a “Free Malware Removal” option for any hosting package. As a result, if you use WPX, you won’t have to pay a dime for this protection option.  
Sucuri WordPress authentication is provided free of charge by WPX to all websites.  
Sucuri subscriptions will save you $200 a year. HTTPS protection coverage, routine Malware screening, Hack removal, and a continually modified WAF are all included (Web Application Firewall).  
All WPX hosting plans provide malware security and removal solutions that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every day, the WPX protection team searches the website for any possible system-wide malware. 
If some system-wide ransomware is discovered, the protection staff quickly removes all infected data.  
Back in 2017, the WPX team also included free enterprise-level DDoS security from Incapsula.  
DDOS (distributed denial of service) protection: DDOS (distributed denial of service) has been a major privacy problem on the internet in recent years, as well as a significant danger to your internet traffic. WPX offers full security from DDOS attacks to its users.  
You can contact the WPX Malware team for individual site audits if you’re having trouble with some protection feature.
Using the iTheme Encryption WordPress Plugin in addition to WPX WordPress protection to keep unwelcome hackers at ease.  

Site Speed Optimization for Free  

WPX hosting understands the value of website pace, and it takes this issue very seriously as well.  
WPX hosting provides superior and high-tech servers to have an exceptional and fast-loading experience for website users.  
Different software, such as GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Insights, are available to test the website’s loading speed.  
WPX hosting has a dedicated website optimization team that can examine your WordPress results. You may request free feedback (if necessary) to increase the pace of your website’s loading. 

Custom CDN that is both powerful and lightning-fast  

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of strong caching servers placed near the site users, allowing them to load websites quicker and more effectively.  
WPX Cloud is the world’s largest CDN, created by WPX hosting to support consumers speed up their websites.  
Rather than upselling customers to have a paid third-party CDN, WPX hosting created WPX cloud in-house and makes it available to all of their users across different plans for free.  
As a result, there’s no need to set up any additional CDNs, such as Cloudflare or others, on your websites.  
WPX CDN already has 26 global edge sites, all of which are completely free for WPX customers and have an unmatched pace advantage. So, if you have a WordPress website, get ready to take it to the next step in terms of pace.  

Backups are made automatically and stored for a period of 28 days

Backups are something that any webmaster should be concerned with. Despite the importance of backups, many webmasters neglect them…until their site crashes. Then they wish they’d set up backups sooner!  
You’ll never get the sensation with WPX Hosting because WPX Hosting backs up the website for you every day. The backups are then stored for 28 days, which is twice as long as any other maintained hosts have.  
From your dashboard, you can run any of your backups. You may also do a manual backup if necessary.
If you need to recover a copy, you may also do it via the interface. There’s also a cool choice that allows you to select between restoring:  
  • Your complete website  
  • It’s just the database.    

When the site is down, it will be repaired (At Free of Cost)  

Server crashes, planned server maintenance, traffic congestion on the server, WordPress upgrade/plugin update, network problem, or some other issue may cause your website to go offline.  
You will better grasp the exact issue if you are an expert; otherwise, you would be unable to diagnose and resolve the problem.  
But don’t be concerned…  
If you use WPX hosting, you’ll never have to think about this problem because WPX would take care of it for you.  
In brief, if your site goes down for some cause, you can contact the WPX support team via live chat; they can get your site back up and running quickly and for free.  

A dashboard that is easy to use 

If you’re not new to web hosting, you’re probably familiar with most providers’ popular control panels. WPX hosting is special in that it offers a user-friendly dashboard. CPanel is not especially user-friendly, particularly for non-technical users.  
WPX Hosting, on the other side, provides you with a far more rational custom dashboard.  
You will handle all of the platform’s essential features from the dashboard, with none of the cPanel’s misleading choices.  
The company’s dashboard helps you to see all of your offerings and account information in one convenient location. From the dashboard, you can handle your websites and emails.  
You can verify the amount of storage space you have and the bandwidth you’ve used from the panel. This portal also allows you to search for some open help tickets.  
Even though WordPress is configured via the dashboard, you have the choice of using SFTP or FTP to access your disc room. Using this method, you can use FileZilla to upload plugin files and themes.  

WPX Hosting offers and webmail

Let’s have a look at their email services now. WPXhosting can convert your webmail account to their WPX webmail for free.  
WPX Hosting provides unlimited free email addresses, and setting up an email address is easy.  
To set up your email address, you just need to enter a few pieces of information. When you’ve finished setting up your email address, the DNS records would be generated automatically.  
The below are some of the benefits of using WPX Hosting email:  
  • You have the option of allocating the whole free hosting room to your email address or specifying a specific email space.  
  • An email forwarder can be set up.  
  • You can accept and submit emails using third-party email clients like Gmail.  
Free webmail is a only WPX feature, since none of the other large run WordPress hosting firms, such as Kinsta and WP Engine, have it.  
WPX hosting provides unrestricted email addresses for free, and you can customize the storage space for each account to meet your own needs. It is unquestionably important.

Excellent Trustpilot Ratings  

Consistency is crucial when searching for a great WordPress host.  
WPX hosting has risen to the top of Trustpilot’s list of the most trustworthy hosting providers, out of a total of 161.  
When you see that, you realize a brand is doing a fantastic job on its service.


The uptime of WPX Hosting is guaranteed. 99.95 percent might seem to be a large percentage, but it’s more equivalent to “healthy,” if that makes sense.  
When you look at what 99.95 percent uptime really entails, it’s as follows:  
Over the span of a month, 99.95 percent uptime equals over 21 minutes of downtime.  
It does not feel like a huge deal over the span of a month. However, if you’re operating a business, it’s a dangerous number to have.  
More breakdowns on what assigned uptime scores are can be found using our uptime calculator.  
Yet I have some good news for you. If the uptime promise does not inspire you, I think that WPX normally has far better uptime than it.  
WPX has excellent uptime in general, and the guarantee is more of a bare minimum than what you actually have to deal with.  
Aside from uptime, another factor to consider is reaction time.  
Because page speed is so important these days, it’s worth mentioning. Fortunately, WPX performs.

WPX hosting review - Conclusion

Simply put, as a Managed WordPress hosting provider, I strongly recommend WPX. There’s a reason it’s one of the most widely used hosting platforms available today.  
WPX is ideal for anyone looking for a super-fast, and dependable WordPress hosting service with excellent customer service. Their WordPress hosting plans are primarily optimized for speed and security.  
To top it off, live chat’s average answer time of 28 seconds ensures you’ll still be able to get support anytime you need it. Not to mention the “fixed for you guarantee,” which promises to assist you with all hosting-related bugs, breaches, and other problems at no additional expense or upsell. 
Excellent customer service, as well as other benefits such as unlimited free malware removal.  
WPX Hosting’s entry-level service is less expensive than any other Managed WordPress hosts, making it a great deal (especially if you need to host multiple websites).  
If you’re ready to get started, go to WPX Hosting by clicking here. Even, keep in mind that WPX Hosting will move an infinite number of websites for you, so the change should be relatively painless!
Disclosure: Please note that this analysis contains affiliate links. Any of the listed companies in this text pay us a commission if you make a purchase.